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Avatar Name: Reaghan Resident             (Reggie Gaston Wirsing)

Born Date: August 31, 2011

Language, English

Location , USA

Not much to say.  I love Second Life and have been a resident from beta and when you have been around that long you usually have an alt or two up your sleeve lol, meet mine. I used to mentor, host, dance, event planner, and DJ. I love to shop, have an addiction to anything insanely cute and plushy and can be a real girly girl. However, I also like the darker side of fashion and design and it really is one of my favorite things to get a hold of to blog. I have always really gotten into the photography aspect of Sl. What naturally follows is wanting to blog. Thus this blog is born! I am a bit demented, to put it mildly, so my images can range from very tame and cute to people think wtf has she done now?!!!

Why Gaston? It started out as a joke when I was trying to cheer a friend up. I would sing the Disney song from Beauty and the Beast to her but replace Gaston’s name with my own. I am a bit goofy and love to make people laugh. So, from there I just added Gaston to my name.